SUPERMUCIL Psyllium Husk (Isabgol)

50 gm 31 Sachets Box 3.3 gm Sachet

What is Psyllium?
Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago Ovata plant’s seeds. It sometimes goes by the name ispaghula.

It’s most commonly known as a laxative. However, research shows that taking psyllium is beneficial to many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.

It increases the bulk in your stool, an effect that helps to cause movement of the intestines. It also works by increasing the amount of water in the stool, making the stool softer and easier to pass.

Supermucil Psyllium Husk is most purest of Psyllium or Isabgol. Psyllium Husk is used worldwide as dietary fiber supplement.Moreover, Supermucil Psyllium Husk removes constipation, reduces Cholesterol and  control diabetes. Psyllium Husk: Background: Gujarat state of India is the only processing hub of Psyllium Husk and exports all over the world. Psyllium Husk: Properties: Psyllium Husk is only fibers, in which around 80% fibers are water soluble & 20% are insoluble fibers. This product becomes gummy on adding water but it is not gum.


Natural Psyllium Husk / Powder.


  • Promotes Digestive system
  • Control Cholesterol.
  • Cleans blood veins.
  • Its Gluten free.


One tea-spoon (3.5 gms. approx) twice a day can be taken with a full glass of  water, milk, juice or syrup. An additional glass of water is advisable for better results. It can also taken with curd or lassie in diarrheoa. Physician advice is advisable.

Packing: 50 Gms. Plastic Bottle / 31 Sachets Box (3.3 gm sachet each)

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